WaterTrace Productions...Music For a Better You.

Providing Musical Stress-Relief Options for Business and Personal Enhancement
  • UPGRADE  your office environment into a relaxing, more productive work-place. Add a custom-crafted musical backdrop for customer and employee comfort.
  • INFUSE your energy healing, massage and wellness work with exquisite, healing soundscapes. Brand your business with YOUR OWN collection of relaxing music.
WaterTrace Productions puts more than 25 years of professional music experience
into crafting the highest quality in music solutions. 
Our personalized music services  are crafted to de-stress and enhance your home, office or studio environment and improve your customers' experience!
Music to
Improve the energy in your high-stress office
Upgrade your boring waiting room vibe
Audio brand and increase your business  
Add to your branded sales inventory
Our strong reputation for excellence, means you can count on our services,
our integrity, our expertise and get PERSONAL  ATTENTION to your needs! ​